Memorials & Tributes

Tribute Gift Program

In addition to the options shown below there are many opportunities to honor friends, family and events in the form of naming major gardens, pathways, events and special projects.

Granite Tables $3000
Names or expressions engraved on a brass plate on a table with benches on the patio of the Gazebo Garden.

Bench $2,000
Names or expressions inscribed on a brass plate on a one of a kind granite bench around the courtyard of the Independence Garden.

Trees $800
Located throughout the Garden, various varieties of trees marked with names or inscriptions on a brass plate at the base of the tree.

Planters $500 – $800
  – Names or inscriptions on a brass plate on large terra cotta pots within the
     Founders’ Circle of the Rotary Peace Garden– $500
  – Names or inscriptions on a brass plate on large square granite planters in the Independence Garden – $800

Bricks and Pavers $100-$300
Names or expressions engraved on any of the following:
   – Pavers 12”x12” surrounding the fountain in the Rotary Peace Garden – $300
   – Pavers 8”x14” lining the Avenue of Friends  in the Rotary Peace Garden – $250
   – Main 4”x7” ground bricks in the Avenue of Friends in the Rotary Peace Garden- $100

General Operating Gifts $25 and up
Each year general operating funds are used for ongoing maintenance, marketing, events and general operation and administration.

Other opportunities include designing individualized tributes, for example adding a structure, a path, a garden.  For information contact Doreen Grams at email or 262-728-3064

Download and fill out the Pet Memorial Agreement (click here)

Donations are always appreciated  and should be sent to Congdon Gardens, P.O Box 385, Delavan WI 53115. Check to see if your employer would like to match your donation. DRGF is a private, not-for-profit 501 c(3) organization that is developing and maintains Congdon Gardens.  Your contribution may be tax deductible.