Congdon Gardens Garden and Plant List

Garden and Plant List

Take a Walk Through the Gardens

Enjoy our treasury of gardens that feature unique designs that inspire, planted with midwestern hearty plant material that is ideal for your own garden.

Gazebo Garden
Designed by Roy Diblik, co-owner of Northwind Perennial Farm and author, this garden frames the gazebo and overlook the pond.  It also provides a wonderful spot for a picnic or just a quiet place to relax. Click here for plant list.


Rotary Peace Garden
The fountain feature is comprised of seven granite boulders representing the seven continents of the world united by the water of the oceans. This garden features both sun and shade perennials, shrubs and trees. Click here for plant list.


Peony and Daylily Exhibition Garden
See introductions from world renowned breeders from Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Established in 2010 the peonies, which take several years to mature will become more lovely each year. Click here for plant listPhotos here, showing mature plants, are provided by Klehm’s Song Sparrow Nursery. 


Willemsen Pergola Garden
Designed, built, and funded by the Willemsen family as a memorial for Roger Willemsen. It’s a sheltered spot for visitors to sit and enjoy its plantings, peek into adjoining gardens and perhaps glimpse the wild life that travels about the gardens.


Independence Garden
Red, White, and Blue plantings surround the open courtyard of crushed blue granite which provides a gathering spot and seating for music and activities. Click here for plant list.


Signature Garden
The Signature Garden, installed in 2013, is a work in progress. It’s sited to offer a preview of what’s to be found inside Congdon Gardens.  Watch for its installation on the NW corner of Geneva Street (Hwy 50) and I-43. Click here for more information.

The Gardens are located near the intersection of Geneva Street (Hwy 50) and I-43. Check the map for directions.