Congdon Gardens History of Congdon Gardens

History of Congdon Gardens

Garden History In 2003 Congdon Park’s quiet pond and small garden experienced an important change with an initiative by the Delavan-Darien Rotary that created what has become Congdon Gardens. The small planting of annuals became a perennial garden with a large fountain as it’s centerpiece.  The fountain is composed of seven granite boulders that signify the seven contents of the world and the water that surrounds them.  It was donated by the family of a prominent Delavan Rotarian. Each year from 2005 through 2014 a new garden area was designed and established.

2005/2006         Fountain Garden and brick paths

2007                  Linden Garden, designed by Roy Diblik – (retired in 2015)

2008                  Gazebo Garden, designed by Roy Diblik

2009                  Independence garden, designed by Patrick Fleming

2010                  Peony and Day Lily Exhibition Garden, designed by Tom Cleven,

2011                  The Roger Willemson memorial Garden and Pergola; designed by the                                   Willemson Family

2013                    Signature Garden – designed by Shawn Kelly

2014                     Floating Garden – Designed & first planting 2014; designed by Shawn Kelly – second planting summer 2015

Funded solely by private donations, Congdon Gardens was designed and developed with the help of outstanding landscape architects, designers and plant men and is maintained by a devoted corp of volunteers.  Congdon awaits your involvement as a donor, a volunteer or an appreciative visitor.  See how you can Get Involved.