Volunteers make things happen. See how you can be a part of Congdon Gardens:

Garden Maintenance 

Volunteers are integral to the Gardens’ success because they provide a large part of the Gardens’ upkeep. While nurturing the plants, individuals learn, grow, and make new friends.

Activities include weeding and simple maintenance. Volunteers may work singly, in pairs, on teams of their own choice or be linked up with others. Scheduling is flexible and can involve as little as two hours a week, preferably at a specific time. Volunteers are regularly offered educational workshops to expand their knowledge of horticulture and garden design. If you’re interested, please contact Dorothy Kahabka at dorthk1@charter.net


Additional ways to contribute:


Do you enjoy the excitement of special events? Congdon Gardens is expanding its activities and events and looking for people who’d like to join us in creating, organizing, publicizing and producing “something special”. If you have skills in this area or would enjoy learning here’s your opportunity to create, grow and enjoy. In addition volunteers are often needed for greeting, parking cars, etc.


Garden Tours

Would you enjoy knowing more about the Gardens and sharing it as well? We re looking for potential Garden Guides to educate and train for public and private group tours. If you enjoy the Gardens, sharing your knowledge with others this could be your opportunity!

If you’re excited about Congdon Gardens and want to make it grow we’ll help you find the right spot! For specifications contact congdongardens3@gmail.com